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Travel Tips for Smart Sun Seekers

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We all know to slip, slop, slap and wrap during the summer season but there’s more we can do to ensure a safe, relaxed, and fun silly season at home or abroad.

1. Do your research – or have someone do it for you!

Every minute spent planning in advance saves you 10 on the day. Research your location – use a service like Trip Advisor to find the best cafes, restaurants, and figure out the must do’s and the nice to haves so you can prioritise your time.

2. The Earlybird gets everything!

In travel, getting in early is always a good idea; from booking flights and accommodation through to checking in and dining – especially in summer. Getting in early can save you time, money, and so much hassle. Plus, if you’re okay with an early start, you can get much more out of each destination, all without the wait!

3. Be prepared

Once you know where you’re going, what you’re doing, and you’re all booked in at your early bird prices, it’s time to get prepared. If you’re travelling overseas make sure you have all relevant documentation sorted out – passports updated, visas approved, insurance policies printed. If you’re driving cross country take your car in for a tune up or book your rental car.

Wherever you’re going make sure you have a medical plan in plan, organise all your medication and ensure you have enough for the trip plus a few days, go in for a general health check and get any shots or vaccinations you need while you’re in there. It’s much easier, quicker, and cheaper to organise before you jet off.

4. Pack light and make use of multi-purpose products

Summer is one of those times where less is certainly more! Less weight to lug around in the heat is always a plus! But even if you’re travelling north this festive season – it does pay to pack light.

Choose clothes that can be layered to suit a range of temperatures. Instead of a large heavy jacket opt for a water resistant wind-breaker that’s light and easy to stuff into a day bag. Opt for light woollen cardigans that provide extra warmth without extra bulk.

Don’t pack anything you can buy from a convenience store – buy that local and save on space and hassle. Multi-purpose and travel sized skincare products are ideal – choose a moisturiser that doubles as a sunscreen for example!

5. Hydrate and Snack

Keeping well hydrated is the simplest thing you can do to ensure you have a good time while travelling. Especially in the summer months where heat and exploration take an extra toll. Take a collapsible or light plastic bottle with you everywhere and fill up at fountains as you tour around. For extra safety consider getting a bottle with a carbon filter or purchasing water purification tablets to ensure clean water, no matter where you are!

Simple snacks can tide you over between meals and help you avoid long queues at concession stands, as well as tourist prices. Nut mixes, fruit, crackers, and hard sweets are ideal for stashing in your day pack.

6. Ensure you insure

It’s always worth insuring to ensure you have peace of mind while you travel. Anything can happen and knowing you’re covered in any circumstance will leave you able to just relax and enjoy your holiday. Comprehensive cover is important as is understanding what you’re entitled to and how to access it should something go wrong. Our friendly team is able to assist you with finding suitable coverage on all of your Maher Tours.

7. Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy Your Summer!

With all the other points covered all that’s left to do is enjoy! And if you want to eliminate at least half of this list in one go – simply book a Maher Tour.

Our friendly office team ensures all the details are handled for you. We’ve done the research, crafted the best itineraries, found the best restaurants, booked your excursions in advance, secured difficult to source experiences, and will handle all of your visas, government taxes and tipping for your entire journey. We’re also happy to assist you in booking any extras.

Our experienced tour leader team will then be there with you on the ground. Checking in with you pre-journey, handling everything for you on tour, and ensuring you get the most of our your Maher Escorted Tour and the experiences and friendship that naturally go along with them.

Wherever your Summer is taking you we hope you have a fantastic festive season and we look forward to touring with you in 2018!

The Team at Maher Escorted Tours

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