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Flying solo?

You don’t need to with Maher Tours!

If you would like us to help match you with a travel buddy simply enter your details, the tours you would be interested in, and a bit about yourself in the form below!

We’d also like to know if you would be interested in attending a local meet up with other solo travellers to have a coffee, chat about your ideal tours, and get to know one another a bit better in person before deciding to share.

Our team is always thrilled when our wonderful travelling friends pair up. It makes for a much more fun and fulfilling trip for you, and we really enjoy playing a part in the lifelong friendships that develop.

We look forward to helping you find your match!

Current expressions of interest:


Vietnam, Cambodia & Mekong River Cruise: One lady – “Active Widow interested in meeting like people.”

NZ Christmas Cruise & Sydney: One lady – “I am of a ‘certain age’ and enjoy travelling with a range of people. I learn from others as much as from the places visited. Generally, I like to catch up on our ‘day’ in the room [evening] or over a meal so one is free to mix with others in the Maher Tour group. I am fortunate to be in good health and quite independent at this stage.
Not crucial to have a meet-up, as that may entail additional travel.”

United Kingdom Coach and Cruise: I am a 68 year old active female. Would love a travel companion on the tour and to socialise with, I love the entertainment that is part of the cruise ships.

Russia, Baltic States, Eastern Europe & The Danube, Myanmar (Burma) Irrawaddy River Cruise, or Highlights of China: One lady –  “I love experiencing different cultures and eating the local food. I also like to have a social drink with good company. I’m a 68yr old widow and my late husband and I have travelled several times in Asia, also around the UK & Europe.”


United Kingdom Coach and Cruise: One gentleman


St Lawrence, Myanmar, or South American Adventure: One gentleman “Widower, retired, fit and healthy, wide travel experience in Europe. Have lived in UK, Middle East, India, Timor, and Australia.”

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