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Solo traveller? You don’t have to be!

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Hello travellers,

As you know, one of the best parts of a Maher Tour is seeing the world and experiencing it in good company.

While you’ve always got someone to spend time with on tour some single travellers would prefer to share their room as well, whether purely for the companionship or for the value of a twin-share.

Here at the office, we’re often taking down names and contact details of travellers keen to share and in response to recent requests and feedback we’re making it easier than ever to register your interest and see who else is interested.

Check out our solo travellers page here!

To protect your privacy we will only include the details of the tours you’re looking to share on and your gender. Fellow travellers interested in being put in touch with you will need to contact us (via contact form, email, or phone) to be put in touch with you.

If you prefer to just call in or email as usual do feel free, this is just another option for you to choose from!

We look forward to helping you find your match!

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