Tour Recap – 2023 Wonders of Kenya & Tanzania Safari Tour

Tour Recap – 2023 Wonders of Kenya & Tanzania Safari Tour

On our recent tour in June, we got to experience a true once in a lifetime highlight.

During our safari through the sprawling Serengeti landscape, an unforgettable spectacle unfolded before our very eyes. The sight of playful lion cubs frolicking amidst the savannah was nothing short of priceless, serving as a rare and awe-inspiring testament to the untamed beauty of the natural world.

We also had the privilege of engaging intimately with the local communities, forging connections that enriched our understanding of the vibrant cultures and traditions of Kenya and Tanzania. Amidst these heartwarming encounters, we had the distinct honour of meeting numerous schoolchildren, their aspirations and dreams serving as a testament to the region’s promising future.

Check out the video recap below of our 2023 Wonders of Kenya & Tanzania Tour highlights.

Enjoy – Maher Escorted Tours


Video credit: Suzie Caskey 


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